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The Naseby Project

Today’s Aims

The Aims of the Naseby Battlefield Project are to educate, communicate and amplify the importance in world history of the battle of Naseby and its consequences to a global audience and to preserve and protect the natural and cultural resources associated with the Battlefield of Naseby and the landscape in which it lies.

The Charity

The Naseby Battlefield Project was formed in 2001 and has provided education and training to the local community, schools, military units from the UK and US and many more people.

Through the generosity of some past trustees who provided vital evidence to the National Civil War museum in Newark and our current trustees and patrons who have written and spoken about the importance of the battle of Naseby to a wider audience and in some cases a global audience..

Our Charity is for children and young people, the general public and mankind. We provide a building, viewpoints, and open space.

We also have started and will continue to invest time and expertise in

  • providing advocacy/advice/information
  • sponsoring or undertaking research.

What are we doing?

Our ambitions for 2023 are founded on ensuring the Project continues to involve a wider group of Naseby enthusiasts from volunteers to visitors. And we want to actively develop new initiatives that add organised or public, bespoke and virtual tours, events and talks increasing their availability to schools & colleges, businesses, local history groups, private individuals, charities, and organisations, especially the Military.

 We have a new HQ in the Naseby Village Hall – the Fairfax room. This enables us to hold Naseby events and talks throughout the year. And we also will have a mobile HQ that we can take on tour to schools and colleges.

Patrons and Trustees

Our Board of Trustees

  • Mark Linnell – Chair
  • David Boulton
  • Steve Howat
  • Duncan Orme
  • Rosemary A. Sale

Our Patrons

  • Earl Spencer
  • Lord Charles Fitzroy
  • Sir Richard Rowley
  • Hon. Hugh Fairfax
  • Prof Andrew Hopper
  • James Lowther

Our Partners

Naseby 1645 wants to be a good neighbour and the people who support us by being patrons, trustees, landowners, charities, museums, students and teachers, academics and volunteers are the critical to our mission of protecting educating promoting and inspiring people about the battle.

Our main partners are the landowners who own and farm the extensive area over where the battle took place. They voluntarily give us special access and there are some specific permissive pathways for us and our visitors to use.

In addition to the landowners, we have viewpoints and interpretation boards on land owned by Northamptonshire County Council and Harborough District Council.

Our partners who assist us in getting a better understanding of the causes and effects and the long-term consequences of the battle of Naseby are many.

The key ones are:

  • the academic support we receive from the University of Oxford.
  • re-enactment support from Sealed Knot.
  • the interest in our tours and events from national military charities (ABF, Royal British Legion) and many locally based charities that help veterans.
  • the encouragement and help for our development of the leadership/study tours we have got from various units and organisations within the British Army and from the US Military based in the UK.
  • many local families who have been on one of our public tours or taken special groups of friends and colleagues of theirs on our bespoke tours.
  • Institutions like National Army Museum, The National Civil War Centre.

We have an HQ thanks to the committee of the Naseby Village Hall; we have volunteers and support from our neighbours in the villages and surrounding area of Naseby.

We are indebted to Northamptonshire County Council and Harborough District Council and many Parish Councils like Naseby PCC.

I would DEFINITELY, 100% recommend this tour to others, as well as any bespoke tours provided by Naseby1645. I’m so extremely glad I made the trip from Anglesey, North Wales, it was more than worthwhile. THANK YOU SO MUCH

I particularly enjoyed viewing the weaponry and armour discussion as I felt it helped to give a better understanding of the period, the challenges presented by the battle and the resources available. Viewpoints gave a good view of the battle and having the maps made it so much better

Governance and Accounts

For details of our Memorandum and Articles of Association, and our Accounts, please visit:


Registered Office

The Naseby Battlefield Project
167 London Road,
Leicester. LE2 1EG

Registered Charity no. 1119178

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