Breakfast Followed by War

The Battle

Power, religion, and the rule of law. The English Civil Wars were primarily about establishing who governed the country, the Crown or Parliament.


Lunch Followed by Democracy

The Consequences

The Battle of Naseby took place in a quiet backwater in Northamptonshire, few people know where and few fully understand the consequences of this battle.

Arguably the two most important hours in English history.  Naseby can genuinely lay claim to be the birthplace of modern western democracy.

Welcome to our website where we will share with you details of the background to the Battle of Naseby, the consequences of the outcome and how they have influenced not only British history, but global history – and shaped your life today.  We hope we can share knowledge, encourage involvement, and stimulate debate.

The Battle – Two hours that changed the world!

So you’ve never heard of Naseby? You are in the right place. Find out all the information you need to know. From what caused these events to what happened and why?

The Consequences

Was Naseby really the birthplace of Western Democracy? We think so. Find out more and discover how the the outcomes of the Battle of Naseby have changed your life.

Liberty of Conscience

The Levellers, Diggers, Ranters, Quakers and Baptists. Not just great names for a band. The great British dissenting tradition influenced social and political thought at home and overseas.

The great British dissenting tradition first found its voice from the veterans of Naseby: the Levellers, Diggers, Ranters, the Quakers and the Baptists went on to influence social and political thought not only in these islands, but also in the Americas. 

The Right to Prosper

Democracy paved the way for the scientific and industrial revolutions of the last 17th and 18th centuries, initially in this country, but then across the entire world. 

Democracy provided the conditions for the scientific and industrial revolutions that allowed Britain to prosper on a global scale.

The Modern British Army

Was forged on the backs of the New Model Redcoats who first took the field at Naseby.  Learn why we have a Royal Navy and Royal Air Force but not a Royal Army today.

Our lives would have been very different today…

. . . if the outcome of Naseby had been different. Understand the The Battle itself and The Consequences of the Battle and share your story of how you think Naseby has impacted your life.


The best way to truly understand a battle is to walk in the footsteps of those who took part. Our tours follow those footsteps and give you unique access.  The Naseby Battlefield Project offers public tours of Naseby Battlefield eight times a year starting in March.


The World Turned Upside Down

To learn more about what has been described as Britain’s “most important battlefield”, Publisher, Mike Gibbs was joined by Mark Linnell, Chairman of the Naseby Battlefield Project, and Civil War historian, Professor Andrew Hopper of Oxford University – a Patron of the project.

Some of our children attended a (well timed!) Battle of Naseby weekend with their families which added to their enthusiasm. The children who went loved it and said they would love to go to another one in the future to learn more. We were also lucky enough to have Mark Linnell visit our school to share his wisdom and expertise in the topic. The children were captivated by the information and were excited to go out onto the field and re-enact part of the battle! Learning through actions really helped them remember all the details of the armies and the movements on the day of the Battle

Joanna Foster

Class Teacher, West Haddon Primary School

I wish to thank you and your entire team for both days with the flexibility and desire to help with our professional development as warfighters. You and your team showed a passion for the battle and our nations' shared history that was infectious for our two groups. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you and the rest of the trust to do this staff ride for the next crop of our folks.


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