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The Naseby Battlefield Project aims to enhance visitor facilities at Naseby battlefield - You can help by becoming a Friend or Benefactor.

The vision of the Trustees is that the Naseby Battlefield Visitor Centre will be an information resource about the Battle itself, the Civil War, the political and social history of the era, the rural environment in the 1600s and what life was like at the time.

It will place the English Civil War in its proper context in the evolution of modern parliamentary democracy and by doing so put Naseby alongside Hastings, Bosworth and Culloden in contemporary thinking.

Exploring The Battlefield

The named viewpoints can be visited in whatever order suits the traveller. The features of interest to be seen from each are described here, and the order in which they are shown correlates to a large extent with the timing of events on 14 June 1645. Visiting them in this order may be more satisfactory as the ‘story’ of the battle unfolds. The postcodes given to help sat nav users are the closest approximation we can offer and for some locations we have not been able to give postcodes at all, so the tour map should be used.

 The facts are not easy to find as they are gathered from letters, diaries and memoirs, some of which were written years after the event.  


Killers of the KingKillers of the King: The Men Who Dared to Execute King Charles I by Charles, 9th Earl Spencer

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